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Dlaczego gospodarka obiegu zamkniętego zyskuje na popularności w branży oponiarskiej? (Świat Opon)

Na całym świecie każdego roku wyrzuca się ponad 1 miliard opon wycofanych z eksploatacji (ELT). Wiele z nich trafia na wysypiska śmieci, do spalarni lub co gorsza – do lasów, czy rzek. I choć branża oponiarska już dawno kieruje swoje spojrzenia ku rozwiązaniom wspierającym zrównoważony rozwój, to ostatnie wydarzenia w naszym kraju związane ze środowiskiem mogą sprawić, że działania te zostaną zintensyfikowane.

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Drivign the sustainable tire conversation (Impact Zero Podcast)

Impact Zero Podcast

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The Tyre Recycling Podcast | Episode #37 | Pyrolysis Project Ready to Step Up

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How can we solve the problem of end-of-life tyres? (Circular Online)

End-of-life tyres (ELT) are a global problem making up around 2 to 3% of all waste materials collected worldwide. CEO at the sustainability brand, Contec, Krzysztof Wróblewski, explains the damage they can cause to the environment and explores how we can solve the problem of ELTs.

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Future Of The Plastics Industry Trends In 2022 (Machine Insider)

The pressure is on to decarbonise manufacturing supply chains. Everyone involved in manufacturing should be aware that the push is happening now from consumers and EU regulations. This development will boost the urgent need for greater control over a company’s product supply chain. To evolve and stay relevant in a changing market, the plastics industry must drastically reduce its impact on the environment, developing new technologies to promote circularity.

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Pyrolysis technology enables ‘closed loop’ solutions in push for circular economy (Automotive World)

The automotive industry needs transformative change in its technology solutions. It has made progress producing zero-emission electric vehicles by reducing the carbon footprint on the user-end, but the manufacturing process still has a significant environmental impact. From the plant’s electricity consumption to the various materials in the car’s production, the automotive industry has startling statistics.

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The Merits of Tyre Pyrolysis (Engineer Live)

Tyre pyrolysis is emerging as the safe, efficient and green option for recycling end-of-life tyres. It’s a circular solution that can solve the tyre waste problem and simultaneously provide in-demand inputs for several industries. By enabling circularity, tyre pyrolysis replaces fossil-based raw materials with sustainable alternatives and reduces the associated environmental impact.

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