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High and consistent quality recovered Carbon Black
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Sustainable and stable quality recovered tire pyrolysis oil
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High-tensile recovered steel ready to be reused
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High-quality products, guaranteed

Applying cutting-edge rubber pyrolysis technology ensures that you get the best quality and most sustainable recycled tire products.

Contec produces ConBlack® (recovered Carbon Black), ConPyro® (recovered Tire Pyrolysis Oil), and ConWire® (Recovered Steel) from the pyrolysis process. The steel is the first part of the process, which is separated from the tires during the granulate production.

The granulate is then used in the pyrolysis, producing the recovered Tire Pyrolysis Oil. The recovered oil is a high-quality, bio-derived carbon feedstock for petrochemical processes. The recovered Carbon Black (rCB) is can be further processed and used as a replacement for several grades of virgin Carbon Black (vCB).

Our method of producing recovered Carbon Black (rCB) generates around 80 per cent less carbon than the traditional production methods used to make virgin Carbon Black (vCB).

Contec plant in Szczecin, Poland

Why choose Contec products?

01. High levels of quality

Contec products meet the quality standards in terms of consistency, safety, and repeatable quality.

At Contec, we apply rigorous quality control measures throughout the process. Quality is checked and managed at every stage – from the initial tire shredding and pyrolysis process to the testing of the end product in our dedicated in-house lab. 

We recognise the importance of maintaining these high standards, and our process reflects this commitment. All industrial processes comply with current standards and regulations. 

We manage quality by evaluating the tire condition and cleaning them if needed. These quality procedures ensure that the feedback applied in the pyrolysis process is sufficient.

To maintain premium quality, we also employ a team of technicians at our in-house laboratory to perform regular quality checks.

The preventative maintenance program and our engineers will also take immediate steps to identify and rectify the cause of any pyrolysis line needs.

It’s important to have well-maintained equipment for quality and consistent products.

Our on-sight team of technicians and engineers undergo regular preventive maintenance schedules and performance checks.

02. Continuous innovation and technology development

We believe that being the designer and operator of the technology allows us to react to the requests of our partners.

We continue to conduct joint R&D initiatives to improve the technology resulting in us having a firm understanding of the design quality.

We developed the pyrolysis process through collaboration with experts in the field. Our team of in-house engineers, external partners, and technological institutions like the Warsaw University of Technology have been involved in technology development.

Special attention was given to constructing a process that is suitable for a variety of applications.

03. Safety as a high priority

We recognise that industrial manufacturing processes present considerable safety hazards and risks.

We take great care to make the pyrolysis process as safe as it can be for our workers by implementing safety protocols and applying controlled spaces in the plant. 

All of the processes at our full-scale production location comply with safety and quality standards which are reviewed by external auditors.

We regularly perform operator training, supported by process engineers 24/7, and have safety procedures in place. We also apply automated safety systems to the technology.

As experienced operators, we know that safety comes with preventative maintenance.

04. Sustainability as a core value

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

Our mission is to turn 100 per cent of the waste that we receive from our ELT partners into valuable resources and make a positive environmental impact on the world.

The technology and processes that we’re helping to improve allow us to achieve this mission. We constantly strive to improve efficiency and sustainability across our operations and limit our carbon footprint.

We’re proud that our products have a drastically lower carbon footprint in comparison with fossil-fuel-derived counterparts.

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