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Mateusz Krawczak, desulphurization of gas BIOSULFEX
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Mateusz Krawczak, Blowers unit

The Contec vision

At Contec, we strive to accelerate the transformation of the manufacturing industry towards carbon neutrality. 

We believe that the future of the industry lies in the adoption of a circular economy manufacturing model.

One of the ways to significantly lower emissions is to increase the use of recycled and recovered resources in the manufacturing industry. Moreover, the transition to circularity allows companies to shorten the supply chain and make it more transparent, controllable, and local.

At Contec, we’re helping to replace petroleum-derived products with high-quality and low-carbon solutions.

We use our protected pyrolysis technology to promote the idea of a circular economy and to decrease the consumption of fossil-based raw materials.

Our sustainability commitment

At Contec, sustainability is one of our core values.

We believe that circular economy manufacturing in the tire industry is possible, and we’re actively supporting the industry to evolve toward a “tire-to-tire” model.

We’re also working to become more sustainable in our company product lifecycle. Currently, we source renewable energy at the Szczecin plant.

The Contec process also produces a considerable amount of useful and reusable energy.

Our future goal is to ensure that almost 100 per cent of the thermal energy produced by the pyrolysis process is turned into electricity or heating for the main plant facilities – providing circular and sustainable energy.

As the technology developers, we continuously strive to improve technical efficiency and find new opportunities to further increase our positive environmental impact.

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