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Tyre shredding, wires from truck tyres

Recovered Steel – ConWire®

Tyre shredding, wires from ELTs

Recovered Steel

Almost every tire design incorporates a steel cord to increase the tire strength and dynamic performance. In passenger and truck tires, steel content can vary between 10 and 18 per cent.

When a tire is deemed unsafe for road use, the end-of-life tire (ELT) can be repurposed into new valuable commodities. The ELT is a valuable resource due to the recovered steel’s high tensile strength.

The recovered steel can then be used in various applications with the production of new tire cords as the most popular. Circular manufacturing is made possible by using the recovered steel in the production of new tires.

Applications for recovered steel

Over 98 per cent of the steel is separated from the ELT during the shredding phase. The high-quality and high-tensile recovered steel is an acceptable and affordable new steel alternative with various applications.

Production of tire steel cord

Additive to carbon steel

Used in research and development

Tyre shredding, wires from ELT

Recovered steel by Contec

The recovered steel, ConWire®, that is produced by Contec comes from high-quality tire steel cord and bead-wire which has high-tensile strength properties.

Companies can achieve circular manufacturing by applying the recovered steel to new tires or in other applications.

At Contec, we use best-in-class industry shredder machines to remove over 98 per cent of the steel during rubber granulate production, which results in a more consistent and reliable pyrolysis performance. 

Additionally, proper steel separation increases the quality of the recovered Oil and makes the handling of rCB easier.

Why choose Contec products

01. High- and consistent quality end-products

At Contec, we ensure that our material feedstock is of the highest standard and produced under optimal conditions. 

We check quality at every stage of the manufacturing process – from the initial tire shredding and pyrolysis process to the testing of the end product in our dedicated in-house lab.

Our quality assurance procedures provide fine-tuned results. They ensure that the end-products meet stringent quality control checks and testing.

The tires are shredded in a two stage system and the steel goes through several separation processes to ensure low residual rubber content.

Consistent end-products are achieved through a preventative maintenance program. Our engineers take immediate steps to identify and rectify the cause of any shredding line needs.

The shredding equipment is well-maintained, and we use the best equipment available on the market. 

Our on-site team of technicians and engineers undergo regular preventive maintenance schedules and quality checks.

02. Safe process

Safety and sustainability are important. 

ELT recycling involves heavy and dangerous equipment. We’ve developed strict safety procedures and protocols to minimise the risk of injury, including the application of controlled spaces. 

We regularly perform operator training, supported by process engineers 24/7, and have safety procedures in place. Our safety standards are achieved through regular training and upskilling of our operators and engineers. 

We also apply automated safety systems to the technology.

03. Sustainable manufacturing

At Contec, we commit to providing tire companies with circular manufacturing capabilities. 

Our high-quality and constantly recycled feedstock from ELTs enable manufacturing to decarbonise their supply chains. We’re proud that our products have a drastically lower carbon footprint in comparison with fossil-fuel-derived counterparts. 

Shredding tires is an energy intensive process. Having the environment in mind, we use only renewable electricity to power our installation.

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