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Tire oil after processing in a glass jar

Recovered Tire Pyrolysis Oil – ConPyro

Laboratory research, dropping crude petroleum to test tubes.

Recovered Tire Pyrolysis Oil

During the pyrolysis process, the rubber granulate is heated to temperatures of up to 550°C in our specially designed two-stage auger reactors.

More than 60 per cent of rubber mass vaporises into gaseous products. As the reactors cool, around 80 to 90 per cent of that mass is condensed into a crude recovered tire pyrolysis oil.

The recovered oil from Contec is unique, and it’s not a typical crude oil. It has a high amount of aromatic hydrocarbon content, over 50 per cent. Moreover, a significant amount of carbon is bio-based as part of the end-of-life tires (ELTs) are made of natural rubber. 

After several finishing processes, it can be used as a feedstock in the chemical and oil & gas industry.

Applications for recovered tire pyrolysis oil

Recovered tire pyrolysis oil (TPO) can be a direct replacement for many fossil-based feedstocks and oils.



Fuel additives

Szczecin plant from above

Why choose Contec products

01. High-quality recovered tire pyrolysis oil

At Contec, we ensure that our material feedstock is of the highest standard and produced under optimal conditions. 

We check quality at every stage of the manufacturing process – from the initial tire shredding and pyrolysis process to the testing of the end product in our in-house lab.

Contec recovered tire pyrolysis oil undergoes stringent quality control checks and testing. We test the pyrolysis oil from used tires at our dedicated, on-site laboratory. We perform regular quality checks and adhere to a consistent schedule.

We perform regular preventative maintenance and quality checks where our on-sight team of technicians and engineers take immediate steps to identify and rectify the cause of any pyrolysis improvements.

It’s important to have well-maintained equipment for quality and consistent products.

02. Innovative technology development

We’ve invested heavily in the research and development of the entire Contec process. 

From the beginning, our team has closely facilitated the R&D process with the Warsaw University of Technology, the technology design, the building of the pilot plant, and the launching of the technology demonstrator.

This intensive research and development have resulted in a pilot plant in Szczecin, Poland, and a perfected pyrolysis process. We now have two pyrolysis lines in full operation at the plant.

All the experiences gathered throughout the years give us a strong foundation for further expansion and capacity increase.

03. Safe process

We recognise that industrial manufacturing processes present considerable safety hazards and risks. 

We take great care to make the pyrolysis process as safe as it can be for our workers by implementing safety protocols and applying controlled spaces in the plant.

All of the processes at our full-scale production location comply with safety and quality standards which are reviewed by external auditors. We regularly perform operator training, supported by process engineers 24/7, and have safety procedures in place.

We also apply automated safety systems to the technology. As experienced operators, we know that safety comes with preventative maintenance.

04. Sustainability-focused

Sustainability is at the core of the Contec mission. 

We aim to recycle 100 per cent of the ELTs that come into our plant to help reduce carbon emissions and cut material waste.

We constantly strive to improve efficiency and sustainability across our operations and limit our carbon footprint.

We’re proud that our products have a drastically lower carbon footprint in comparison with fossil-fuel-derived counterparts.

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