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Contec welcomes Patryk Cichoń as sales director

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We would like to introduce our Sales Director, Patryk Cichoń. 

Patryk joined Contec in 2017 as one of the first employees of our Szczecin pyrolysis plant. The pioneering model plant operates two pyrolysis lines and is one of less than five such plants in Europe that produces recovered Carbon Black, tire pyrolysis oil, steel, and gas. As Sales Director, he actively engages in designing elements that improve the storage of these novel products.

Patryk’s work has enabled Contec to enhance its customer service vastly, and we’re happy to have him on the team.

Patryk’s work as Sales Director at Contec

Contec’s novel circular solutions can solve the tire waste problem and meet the increasing demand for sustainable and recovered raw materials for many manufacturing industries. Contec’s sustainable products are certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification. Also, the carbon footprint of our products is up to 75% less than fossil fuel products (for example, recovered Carbon Black’s footprint is less than 0,5t CO2 [eq] per ton of rCB).

Patryk’s team provides manufacturers with Contec recycled secondary products whose quality would match the raw materials they’re trying to replace. When we asked Patryk about his team’s goals, he mentioned relationship-building and partnership as important qualities. Our goal is to focus on customers’ expectations and customise products to meet their needs. To achieve this, Patryk is in constant contact with Contec’s customers. He also works to adapt Contec to market changes, such as the energy crisis in Europe.

Since the Szczecin plant installation, Patryk has been responsible for selling Contec tire pyrolysis products and Contec tire scrap. Patryk is responsible for continuously defining and analysing target markets for Contec’s novel pyrolysis products and building professional customer relationships. Patryk’s work is thus crucial in achieving commercial success and sustainability at our company. Before joining Contec, he worked in the petrochemical industry and has several years of experience. Patryk Cichoń says about his time at the company,

I’m glad to work for a company with international reach whose mission is changing the world. The impact of our activities on the environment is huge, and I hope that more companies realise how important carbon neutrality is in the manufacturing industry (but not only!).”

Patryk also networks with suppliers of used tires. He establishes and manages the tire warehouse, organises the rubber waste, and monitors its quality. Krzysztof Wróblewski, CEO of Contec, says, 

“I’m happy that Patryk has joined our team. His knowledge and involvement help with implementation of Contec’s vision – strive to accelerate the transformation of the manufacturing industry towards carbon neutrality. As well, I appreciated his experience with sales, which we can use to scale our business.”

Patryk’s skills and experience are invaluable assets. We’re happy to have him as part of the team at Contec! Get in touch to learn more about our sustainable solutions.

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