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Wojciech Paruzel Joins Contec S.A. As COO

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We warmly welcome Wojciech Paruzel to the Contec team.

After a successful funding round of 15 million EUR in 2023, we’re taking the next step in its expansion plans by onboarding Wojciech Paruzel as Chief Operations Officer

Wojciech Paruzel is an electrical engineer and a Wrocław University of Science and Technology graduate with an MBA in Business Management. His career spans over 25 years, with experience in the construction, automotive, and technology industries.  He was previously the COO of the J.S. Hamilton Group, where he improved operational efficiency with selected strategies across Central and Eastern Europe.

Previously, Wojciech Paruzel established operational standards in plants in Poland, China, Mexico, and Germany. His latest collaboration with teams from Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Serbia, and Croatia confirms his experience with international teams, a skill that he’s eager to expand with Contec as the company prepares for the completion of our plant expansion work in Szczecin and further European expansion. His accolades include the Forbes’ Diamond, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Laurel of Skills and Competences awarded by the Opole Chamber of Commerce.

We talked to Wojciech about his new role and motivation for joining our team. 

Why did you join Contec?

I joined Contec because I admire their innovative approach to solving the problem of how recycled end-of-life tires can add value to emerging products in various industries. I see the potential in Contec to introduce groundbreaking technologies and strategies that can truly change how we interact with our natural environment.

What do you do at Contec?

As COO at Contec, my main responsibility is to ensure the smooth and effective operational performance of the company. Together with the team, I supervise daily operations, ensuring that all processes run smoothly and in accordance with defined quality standards. Together, we develop and implement activities aimed at optimizing operational efficiency. My work also involves identifying areas where improvements can be made to increase Contec’s efficiency and profitability.

What do you like most about this job?

What I value most in my role as COO at Contec is the opportunity to influence the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire operational structure of the company. I enjoy the challenge of optimizing processes and striving for operational excellence. Seeing how my actions contribute to the company’s more efficient operation and increased profitability, I feel satisfied with the goals achieved.

Despite many years of experience in various industries, working in such a dynamic and innovative operating environment allows me to continue developing and expanding my skills, which is another reason for my satisfaction with my role at Contec.

“I am excited to work with such talented people, contribute my knowledge and experience to the company’s development, and achieve joint successes.”

Wojciech Paruzel, Contec’s COO

Our team is lucky to have him!

“Paruzel brings extensive experience and knowledge to the team, which are crucial for our ambitious development plans. His collaborative vision to operational challenges will allow us to continue working on innovations and strengthen our position as a leader in tire recycling on a global scale.” 

Krzysztof Wróblewski, Contec’s CEO

As we aim to accelerate the transformation of the manufacturing industry towards carbon neutrality, Paruzel’s expertise in scaling businesses, serving customers, and fostering inclusive environments for employees will be key to support during the next phase of our growth plans. 

We’re looking forward to working with him.

Welcome to the team!

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