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Contec S.A.

Revising Our Values

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Contec S.A. is breaking ground for our next phase of growth. After collaborating as a team, we’re ready to introduce our revised company values!

Our long-term dedication to product quality excellence, process safety, and innovation remains — but with newly written values to reflect our current journey. We embody four major values: Leadership, Partnership, Innovation, and Quality.

Values are the building blocks to achieving our vision and mission at Contec. Our revised values — Leadership, Partnership, Innovation, and Quality — will set the tone and direction for the next phase in our development.

Krzysztof Wróblewski, CEO at Contec S.A.


We boldly head in the direction we’ve set. We’re proactive and methodical in our approach.

In achieving our goals, we take on the leadership role and influence change in the perception of pyrolysis.

We take full responsibility.


Collaboration and good relationships are the foundation of our approach. We care about the environment in which we operate.

We support each other and our partners, so that by implementing our vision and mission, we can achieve success together.


Research curiosity and ingenuity are key to our development. In our approach, we’re constantly looking for new solutions that make us better.

We draw conclusions and learn from our mistakes. We treat failure as a learning opportunity.


We value high quality, which is reflected in the continued improvement of the safety and excellence of our processes.

We provide solutions and products that set standards in the industry. Our superior work reflects our continuous dedication to operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Transforming manufacturing with circular solutions

At Contec, we accelerate the transformation of the manufacturing industry to carbon neutrality. We’re helping to replace petroleum-derived products with high-quality and low-carbon solutions. We use our protected pyrolysis technology to implement the idea of ​​a closed-loop economy, eliminating the use of petroleum-based raw materials.

We’re dedicated to accelerating the transformation towards a circular economy by creating circular products from waste tires, applying sustainability across our operations, and limiting our carbon footprint. Learn more about our process.

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