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Circularity in the automotive industry

A ‘greener’ automotive industry?

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What are the issues around tire recycling?

Tires are not biodegradable: when left untreated, they take 80-90 years to degrade. Recycling ELTs reduces illegal and marine dumping. 

However, all over the world, ELTs are regularly disposed of in landfills rather than being recycled, creating environmental and health safety problems due to pollution of air, water, land, and fire risks.

Following a circular economy would allow the tire industry to close the materials loop through the reuse and recycling of ELTs.

By integrating the reuse of recovered materials into tire production, the industry could simultaneously reduce its reliance on fossil fuels for raw materials and limit waste generation.

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Meet Contec's tire pyrolysis solution

We’ve developed a novel technology process that is energy efficient, safe, and quality effective for the recycling of ELTs into new commodities.

It’s designed with sustainability principles, too. The Contec tire pyrolysis is environmentally friendly due to the following achievements:

  1. The process treats 100 per cent of the ELTs Contec receives, with 85 per cent material recovery.
  2. With pyrolysis, there are little or no pollutants produced, as the tire material is not burnt.
  3. Plastic polymers break down into simpler compounds, avoiding the risk of microplastic pollution.
  4. The vehicle industry can reduce reliance on fossil fuels for Carbon Black production, gas, and oil by 84 per cent.

Recovered Carbon Black has a small carbon footprint, as it reduces greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 2 tonnes of CO2 equivalent for each ton of recovered rCB produced.

Dive deeper into tire pyrolysis – and Contec’s technology:

Pyrolysis process

What are molten salts?

How to use molten salts in pyrolysis

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