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Tire shredding at Contec

What is tire shredding? A recycling guide

Recycling has become critical for the tire industry to limit the volume of tire waste […]

Old used waste tires

All about rubber tire recycling: A comprehensive overview

Each year globally, 1.5 billion tires go to waste. Finding circular and cost-effective tire recycling […]

Contec plant

Contec welcomes Piotr Miednik as the new CFO

We would like to warmly welcome our new CFO, Piotr Miednik, to the Contec team. […]

end of life vehicles directive

Everything you need to know about the end of life vehicles directive

The EU targets for recycling passenger and light vehicles are setting world standards for automobile […]

factory building from a right angle

Molten salts: Why they’re a great heat transfer medium

Molten salts are a novel heat transfer system whose potential is just beginning to be […]

Tire waste ELTs

Tire waste statistics you need to know

End-of-life tires (ELTs) are a major global waste problem. The tire business has made circular […]

Oil processing plant at sunset

What are the SDGs: A sustainable transformation in manufacturing

A paradigm shift is occurring in the manufacturing sector moving away from business-as-usual. Both consumers […]

factory building from above

Five heat transfer system types for pyrolysis

Heat transfer systems are vital for pyrolysis as they improve the process, product quality, and […]

The results are in: Contec’s carbon emissions impact

Developing sustainable technology and collaboration both have a positive impact on the environment. It’s important […]


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