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Top view shot of two industrial workers wearing reflective jackets standing on mining worksite outdoors using digital tablet, copy space

On the rise: The price of carbon black isn’t sustainable

In 2022, several chemical manufacturers announced an increase in the price of Carbon Black in […]

We are a part of ASTM International

We’re happy to join ASTM International, founded as the American Society for Testing and Materials. It’s […]

Two great new tires for semi trucks with large tread tires which turned to the camera. Tires marked with colored stripes deposited after quality control and classification.

Carbon black alternative: Sustainable industrial opportunities and use cases

The tire industry is a major consumer of Carbon Black, using 70 per cent of […]

Contec’s CEO spoke at the Recovered Carbon Black Conference

November is an important month for the recovered Carbon Black (rCB) industry: more than 200 […]

Old used waste tires

Carbon black tire grades: Sustainable opportunities for the manufacturing industry

Carbon black is an essential component for many industries, particularly tire manufacturing. However, producing virgin […]

What is chemical recycling?

Chemcycling: what it is and how it is changing our opportunities for circularity

The chemical industry hopes to transform by using chemical recycling to reduce these carbon emissions […]

contec factory from above

Meet Patryk Cichoń, Contec’s sales director

We would like to introduce our Sales Director, Patryk Cichoń.  Patryk joined Contec in 2017 […]

Contec plant

Nitrogen inertisation: what is it and how do we use it?

Technology and safety are at the heart of what we do at Contec. Nitrogen inertisation, […]

Welding robots movement in a car factory

How the automotive industry can make circular cars

A circular car can cut lifecycle carbon emissions of the automotive industry by up to […]


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